How we work


We provide superior, in-depth store-level research. Our insights are gathered through robust, scientific proprietary research capabilities, screened through the knowledge and industry experience of our analyst team, and compared against the results of over 750,000 surveys we have conducted over the last 10 years.


Our research strength is built on a robust foundation of market research techniques, including unbiased survey design, representative sampling, quality validations, and statistical analysis.

Combining our analysts' experience as store managers with effective survey design and researcher training, no other firm in the marketplace is as successful as Beacon in engaging and gaining cooperation from store managers.

Beacon makes extensive use of our vast data of over 750,000 surveys we have conducted over the last 10 years. We use both current and historical results to analyze and identify patterns in business trends and reporting tendencies.

Beacon conducts quarterly surveys on the vendors of the companies on our coverage list.  Extensive questionnaires examine the overall health of the underlying retailers’ business performance.  Our vendor supply chain studies have an extensive database with cooperating vendors from over 10,000 companies.


Among the store-level factors Beacon regularly examines are:

  • Inventory Conditions
  • Staffing
  • Average Ticket
  • New Products
  • Execution
  • Competitive Pressure Promotional Activity
  • Sales Performance
  • Traffic
  • Remodels
  • Merchandising
  • Manager Morale New Store Concepts
  • Category Trends
  • Shopper Demographics
  • Margins
  • Site Selection
  • Unit Growth


Beacon analysts spend considerable time each month visiting key markets in the U.S. Their observations and insights are conveyed to interested clients on a real-time basis, then tested through our robust surveys of store managers. Focus is placed on competitive markets, new store concepts, and consumer shopping patterns.


  • Identify inflection points in store‐level trends, conditions, and initiatives across the consumer sector
  • Exceptional quality, sample sizes, and turnaround time
  • Unique perspective due to industry backgrounds and expertise
  • Relevant inputs for growth, value, and special situations investment decisions
  • Exclusive, timely customized research


  • Leverage data and insights from thousands of voluntary manager surveys
  • Extensive analyst visits to key retail markets
  • Store‐specific, unbiased survey design
  • Leverage data and insights from thousands of voluntary vendor surveys


  • Independent, conflict‐free research and advisory services
  • Series 65 licenses
  • Active members of Investorside
  • Industry veteran since 2003